Cadet End-Of-Season Sale + Special Deal

— Wed, 21st August 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 7.08.39 PMThrough September 3, Cadet is hosting its end-of-season online sale featuring up to 50% off pants (down from $138-$228 to $78-$148); shirts (down from $128-$158 to $68-$118); jackets and blazers (down from $198-$448 to $118-$298); shorts (down from $138-$168 to $78-$128; tees and henleys (down from $44-$108 to $22-$58); and swimwear (down $98-$128 to $48-$88).

Also, Cadet has kindly offered Beggar readers an additional 20% off all online purchases. Just remember to use the code “BEGGAR” on the very last page of the checkout process.

  1. we got a special discount as a reward to JoJo’s services in the menswear community

  2. Saw the sale on, and since the shop is in my neighborhood I decided to stop by. LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes! These guys on point with their sizing. I’ve found a new favorite store… just hope this gem stays hidden

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