Patrik Ervell Sample Sale

— Thu, 26th September 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 10.44.15 AMFriday through Sunday, 9/27-9/29, Patrik Ervell is hosting his seasonal sample sale featuring up to 90% off a mix of highly wearable and radical pieces. Past events have featured slim fit dress shirts in oxford cotton down from $230 to $70; lightweight pattern sweaters in pima cotton down from $330 to $90; baseball jackets in cashmere down from $900 to $180; …

Note: As regular readers know, hoarding has become a problem at many sample sales, and at Ervell events in particular. In an effort to “share the wealth,” event organizers have kindly agreed to enforce a “no-hoarding” policy on Day 1. Hope it helps.

Patrik Ervell Sample Sale – 35 Howard St btw Broadway & Lafayette – Fourth Fl (Buzzer #6) – 646-912-9083 – 12pm-6pm Daily – Map

  1. Just got back. Best deals were field coats for $200 and up. I got a pair of jeans for $120. A good selection of current season items but they were priced higher; less than half off.

  2. I bought a suit for $300, most were more expensive though. Sweaters $140 and up, hats $60, polos for $40, most other shirts were $120 and up.

  3. Some good stuff here. I waited in line for about 25 minutes, which isn’t horrible for the first day of a big sample sale. Prices were not as low as I would have liked- I saw some heavy sweaters for around $200, polos and tees for $40, jeans and pants for $70-90, blazers for $250-300, and outerwear was $250 and up. If you’ve got the spare change, definitely worth going.

  4. Waste of time actually. Prices were, like, 40% off. There was absolutely nothing at 90% off. You can get everything cheaper on Ebay.

  5. Waste of time. The old trick of saying there will be discounts of “up to 90%” which really means there are two or three items discounted at 90% and everything else is almost full price. I had bought a Patrik Ervell short sleeve button down shirt at the Barney’s flagship on sale 2 or 3 months ago, and today I saw an almost identical shirt at the sample sale for $30 more. Really? Post-season designer sample sale at higher prices than the Barney’s mid-season sale? Very disappointing.

  6. If there was problem hoarding before, they solved it by putting merchandise at 40% off retail.

  7. Some discounts – merchandise from FW 2011 to FW 2013; prices seemed on par with lowest discounts from barney’s / bloomingdales

  8. Scored a great lambskin baseball jacket at 65% off retail — not a lot of selection and sizes but I got a great deal!!

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