Hugo Boss Sample Sale

— Tue, 1st October 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 2.44.35 PMThrough Thursday, 10/3, Hugo Boss HQ is hosting a sample and overstock sale featuring deep discounts on sportswear.

Hugo Boss Sample Sale – 601 W. 26th St btw 11th & 12th – Tues-Wed 9:30pm-5pm, Thur 9:30am-4pm – Map

  1. Wait, so you leave all the homophobic jokes on other posts but somebody here makes a completely valid joke about the Hugo Boss brand’s Nazi link and you take it down? Pathetic.

  2. Bugs, We do our best to cut out anything unrelated to sales, be it homophobic, generally hateful, or otherwise.

    The Beggar

  3. Beggar,
    Perhaps I was too vitriolic in my haste to post something. You do a good job at posting sale info. I can understand both your reason for removing the Hugo Boss joke and the huge time suck it must be for you to police the childish/homophobic comments on other posts. However, the swastica joke you removed from this post had something those penis posts don’t have: it was actually funny.

  4. Went yesterday and i picked up some trousers and dress shirts. They had a decent amount of dress trousers ($35 each) in 32/34, and I was able to get my shirt size (15.5R) in a solid blue. They had two long racks of white dress shirts, but some of them were dirty and others clearly well-worn. I’d go it you needed the trousers. Don’t go for the suits- they are not worth your money. Save up for something of better quality.

  5. Got there yesterday around 11:30 — pretty empty until the lunch crowd came in and then 1/4 the shoe supply was gone (mostly dress shoes). Mostly sneakers left, size 10. Few size 9s. No other sizes. Outerwear was pretty depleted. Still several racks of sports shirts/dress shirts. Pants mostly size 34s from what I saw. They had restocked ties at around 2:30PM (they discovered a rack of ties in the back and brought them out). Sneakers $40, dress shoes $50, boots $60, dress shirts $40, sportscoats $125 (fair amount left yesterday), suits were sparse at $250, there were like 5-6 leather jackets left yesterday think they were $250, casual pants were $35 i think, knits were $50, pajama pants $15, robes $25, swim trunks $25. They may have taken extra markdowns today, too. (there were markdowns yesterday already)

  6. Oh, and ties were $20. Probably about 6 or 7 belts left (3 or 4 were white) at $20 or 25.

  7. got a suit a tie and sweater best sale of the year imo anyone know when the next one is?

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