Gant Sample Sale

— Mon, 4th November 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 12.12.46 PMTuesday through Sunday, 11/5-11/10, Gant is co-hosting its famous sample sale featuring up to 80% tons of sportswear. Expect Gant, Gant Rugger, Gant by Michael Bastian

Pre-sale? That would be today, from 4pm-8pm — They’ll be checking a guest list and photo IDs, so we can’t guarantee access.

Gant Sample Sale – 225 5th Ave btw 26th & 27th – Tues-Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-7pm – 212-725-5400 – Map

  1. Called them they are saying nothing this evening. NO VIP event, 10 am tomorrow. Can someone confirm this lie?

  2. I spoke with the girls at 260 on Sunday who said the sale takes place at 225, with NO presale.

  3. A lot of the same stuff from last sale. Lots of sweaters, although 90% are in medium and the rest are XL/XXL. Plenty of sport coats and shirts. Prices are what they were last time. Probably a better bet to wait until the price drops, although no idea if they’re doing those this year.

  4. I just got back. I was worried it would be lame since it’s in a smaller space, but it’s just as good as last time. Lot’s of current season Michael Bastian and Rugger. Sweaters $50, shirts $45, blazers $195, pants $50. See my link for a full report.

  5. sad whats happened to this sale. blazers used to be $50, trouser $20, and while a nice selection now, $195 and $50? what a joke.

  6. nothing better than the early Gant sales in the showroom, hate 225 Fifth

    Nacho Broadway

  7. Did anyone see the women’s selection? What was there? They were supposed to get some things today but they had nothing this AM.

  8. Higher prices, less selection, but still some great buys. Blazers may not be on the cheap, but shirts, pants, sweaters are still solid.

  9. Owner said they only got samples this time – no overstock
    Prices too high compared to what it used to be.
    Was hammered with people last evening.
    Used to be great- maybe next time

  10. so i wet yesterday. tons of stuff for me, it was basically all 38/m jackets, m sweaters and shirts…like it was all for me haha. but 195 for a blazer isnt good, at least not for me. could do better when gant itself goes on sale…195 isnt even 70 off most of the jackets. but there was a ton of stuff from bastian and rugger, even current fall 2013 stuff. if u need a couple of blazers i would go bc u could almost forsure cut a deal if u buy 2+, and there is def more than wo i wouldve like to have bought. only bought a sweater and a bowtie (50 and 25) the sweater was also current season, tho not sure if it was ever put into production. i would probably wait till the last day for anyone else planning on going just bc the stuff is great and theres a ton of it so ull still b able to find, and the prices will be the lowest (if they get any lower)

  11. They dropped the blazers to $150.

    But they were mostly 38s. Nothing me-sized.

  12. this sale has become a joke, you can probably do better at the outlets, and the new space is so tiny, wtf are these guys thinking?

  13. It wasnt great, but not terrible. There were Michael Bastian Shirts for $40 and they had a few MB blazers for $150 that are on the website for $700 (i grabbed one), not a terrible, but defiinitely not as good as it used to be.

    Other prices I remember:
    Sweaters; $70
    Shirts: $40
    Polos: $25
    I think pants were $40


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