The Mobile Beggar

— Mon, 25th November 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 11.55.02 AMThe Choosy Beggar launched in ’08 to help guys find better deals on better clothes. That hasn’t changed, but the way you get your information clearly has. That’s why we were so excited when Mobext, the mobile agency within Havas Media, recently offered to remake The Beggar as a simpler, more mobile-friendly service. That’s what you see, today. Not only is the site far easier to access via mobile and faster to load, but the Mobext team — led by the brilliant Johnny Won (!) — added several smart features, including full map integration, one-click calling (when sale hosts actually have numbers to call), and one-click directions, which (yes, with one click) will show you how to get from your current geographical location to a desired sale location. For their tireless work, we solute Johnny and the entire Mobext crew! We also have to thank the team at Complex Media for its help with the redesign! Needless to say, while The Beggar’s mission remains the same, its design will always be a work in progress. We welcome your suggestions, and wish you and yours a very happy holidays!


The Beggar Team


  1. Thanks for out time dedicated to helping me look better for less! The mobile redesign is great.

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