Timothy Heenan, Billykirk Sample Sale

— Tue, 3rd December 2013 —

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 3.37.20 PMMaybe our favorite event of the year. Thursday through Saturday, 12/5-12/7, Timothy Heenan Showroom and Medium Concepts Agency are co-hosting a holiday sample sale featuring up to 75% off Billykirk [pic], Isaora, Rxmance, Quality Peoples, Sidian Ersatz & Vanes, Warriors of Radness, … In terms of pricing and selection, here and here’s what we’ve found in the past.


Timothy Heenan Showroom Sample Sale – 241 Centre St btw Broome & Grand (Follow posted instructions) – 9am-6pm Daily – 646-596-9768 – Map

Timothy Heenan, Billykirk Sample Sale
  1. 10-26-08 I think the Econ downturn means pusrebhils will want more polished material. I edit most of my stories about twice each year. I took out 2 years to write screenplays for every one, and this taught me a great deal about being thorough. My guru in this regard is Linda Seger, THE Hollywood script consultant. Her attitudes might help any writer. She writes books like How to Make A good Screenplay Great! I watch movies much differently now. Structure is everything. It’s rare to find anyone who will pay millions of dollars to make a movie if the screenplay itself is not clear, detailed and vivid. These days, I’m editing my books as if I had to convince someone to make a movie out of each story I am a real scientist, and we have to be imaginative to get grant money too. The next few months will obviously be hard on new authors. Study and learn from your best stories and scenes. Try to understand your voice better and continue to polish and edit. Scientifically, all huge market downturns are preceded by times of great overconfidence. Right before the crash of 1929, President Hoover promised voters Two cars in every garage! We had just learned to mass produce the auto a little more than a decade earlier. Newspapers collaborated. They spread the good news. Headlines in ’29 screamed, Everyone is Rich! Facts prevalent today show Wall Street printed too many stock shares. Daily trading volume is 200-600 times that traded about 3-4 decades ago. With the exception of prosecutable flimflam CEOs, the bad news is your salary hasn’t increased that much. Added cash in circulation has lagged too. The printers of share certificates though were overconfident. Keep writing. Best of luck to you. WilliamEpic ( Eppik , online)

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