Freemans Sporting Club Sample Sale

— Wed, 22nd January 2014 —

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 2.17.31 PMThursday through Sunday, 1/23-1/26, Freemans Sporting Club is hosting “Super Bowl Sale,” featuring up to 75% off outerwear, knits, sportswear, and hand-stitched suiting.

Freemans Sporting Club Sample Sale – 8 Rivington St btw Chrystie & Bowery – 10am-6pm Daily

Freemans Sporting Club Sample Sale
  1. Has anyone been to this sale before? Any idea what the offerings are like in terms of suiting or bags?

  2. I stopped in -there is quite a bit of suiting across most sizes 36-44+. Loads of shirts, trousers, some sweaters. Lots of shackets as well at around 125. There were some few things from past season (including one or two pieces of the Isle of Man Parka). In my opinion the best bang for buck would be on the suits or on the Peacoat. Suits are all flat at 595 and sportcoats at 450 regardless of original pricing, I saw some that were originally at around 2200 including some insane solid navy cashmere pieces. Some decent selection in outerwear.

  3. Stopped by, left empty-handed. Pretty low quality suits and clothing while the prices remain astronomical.

  4. Ok sale. They should have dropped the prices more on the last day b/c there was a lot of stock left. Also…seeing their clothing up close I couldn’t help but notice that the quality Vs price is WAY off. Overhyped IMO…Steven Alan pieces are better made. Shoot, J. Crew is about the same if not better than the production of FSC. Made in USA is NOT always better guys.

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