Proper Cloth Sample Sale

— Wed, 29th January 2014 —

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 11.38.58 AMFriday and Saturday, 1/31-2/1, Proper Clothnamed GQ’s “favorite online custom shirtmaker” — is hosting another sample sale featuring deep discounts on wide-spreads, spreads, points, button downs… All shirts are $40 — down from $100-$250. “Hundreds of shirts in all sizes including very small and very large sizes,” we’re told. “Plaids, oxfords, soft button downs, soft cutaways, business shirts, weekend shirts…”

As always: Mention “The Beggar” at checkout, and get your first 2 shirts for $20 each!

Proper Cloth Sample Sale – 481 Broadway btw Broome & Grand, 4th Fl – Fri 12pm-7:30pm, Sat 10am-6pm – Map

Proper Cloth Sample Sale
  1. Go, only if you expect to find the following
    * your initials already sewn on the sleeve your perfectly tailored shirt
    * your toro is slightly ill-shaped i.e. Right arm longer than left, 14.5 neck with 42 inch chest or….42 inch neck with 14.5 chest.
    * you enjoy wearing bespoke clothing… Measured and fitted for someone else.
    This was a waste of my time. These are shirts that were custom made for individuals who clearly did not like the final fit. This is a salvage, not a sample sale. Shirts should be given to charity.

  2. What’s the story with the “Mention “The Beggar” at checkout, and get your first 2 shirts for $20 each!”? I tried online and it didn’t work. Any deers on that?

  3. Jorge, you mention “the beggar” when you are ready to pay in person. This sale is NOT through their website but only for the bespoke shirts they’re unloading (to attract future customers who end up liking their product). Call it a “loss leader” sale if you will but it works. After having bought about 8 shirts over the past 2 years, I finally buckled down and had one custom-tailored.
    Contrary to what Dennis had to write above, I’ve never had a problem finding the right fit for me. Not many of the shirts are monogrammed and there is plenty of selection to choose from. I was referred to this sale by a friend who’s bought a few shirts from them (and he’s a big guy.). I’m 6’3″ with 36 in. sleeve and a 16 1/2 neck. I regularly find 3-4 shirts that fit me to a ‘T’ when I go. I recommend their sales to anyone looking for a quality shirt at a crazy cheap price.
    PS: The shirts, although bespoke, are clearly never worn, just fitted. This isn’t any different than going to any retailer in town and buying a shirt that 5 others may have tried on previously. Like any other on-skin piece of fabric purchase (shirt/towel/sheet), one should always wash first before wearing for the first time. Just saying…

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