J.Press / York St. Sample Sale

— Tue, 18th November 2014 —

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 12.16.31 PMGet it. Wednesday through Friday, J. Press and York Street are hosting a sample and overstock sale featuring up to 80% smart sportswear and accessories.

J.Press / York St. Sample Sale – 530 7th Ave btw 38th & 39th, 29th floor – 11am-6pm Daily 

J.Press / York St. Sample Sale
  1. no line. high price = 200 low price = 10.. some decent amt of york st but they’re being snatched up. there’s one grey puffy jacket size m but fits a small for $100… kudos to the person who’s going to buy that.

  2. Thumbs up for this sale. Very very very attractively priced garments all around. Spring/Summer York Street is all 85% off. Made in USA Pressidential suits were $100. If you like this brand definitely pop in. Although at the rate people were buying the stuff not sure what’ll be left after today.

  3. sale kinda sucked. there’s a ton of floral pattern outerwear from SS York st, but that’s about it. no sweaters or sportswear to speak of in york st.

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