Thom Browne Sample Sale

— Thu, 13th November 2014 —

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 3.30.45 PMFriday and Saturday, 11/14-11/15, Thom Browne is hosting a sample sale featuring deep discounts on his unique brand of sportswear. Expect mostly size M.

Thom Browne Sample Sale – 210 11th Ave btw 24th & 25th, Suite 500 – Fri-Sat 11am-7pm

Thom Browne Sample Sale
  1. I went to last year’s. There were a lot of shirts for about $75, I think, and a few beautiful outerwear and suiting options for about $400 and up. But there was a big line even when I went an hour early, which moved impossibly slowly, and almost all of the outerwear was snatched up by the first few people.

    I’d guess this year’s is worth going to if you reeeeally love the brand and want to brave a big crowd of die hard menswear types, but expect to wait.

  2. Not going this year. The past two times, there were huge lines the first day and the stock was relatively expensive—no real bargains beyond what I’ve seen at Barneys sales, but if there was a specific piece you were looking for and loved (shoes for $300 or $400, or some particular necktie), you could make the investment. By the second day prices were a little lower but sizes and styles were very much cleaned out.

  3. way too expensive shirts were a hundred and shoes 300, huge line in the middle of the afternoon……lots of small people there buying the mostly very small merch.

  4. I’ve given up on this sale. Past two years have been annoying and, quite frankly, unfair to most people that wait in line since most hoarders grab everything in first couple minutes.

  5. No reductions on the second day, no mirrors and snooty staff, no wonder no one was on line to buy this overpriced crap. I’ve done much better at bergdorfs Barney’s and Odin

  6. Made the effort to go on both days and couldn’t believe absolutely no reductions on day 2. Ridiculous!!


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