Woolrich & Co. Sample Sale

— Thu, 13th November 2014 —

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 3.43.35 PMIf we had any discretionary income, this is where we’d blow it. Friday through Sunday, 11/14-11/15 — and again next weekend, 11/21-11/23 — get to the Woolrich John Rich / Woolrich Woolen MillsSpiewak sample sale for deep discounts on high quality sportswear. Expect accessories for $20-$60; sweaters, pants and shirts for $60-$100; and outerwear for $100-$300. Also expect selected items from Baracuta, Avon Celli and BD Baggies.

Woolrich Sample Sale – 597 Broadway btw W Houston & Prince – 2nd fl – 10am-6pm Daily

Woolrich & Co. Sample Sale
  1. I went to this last year and actually wasn’t impressed with the men’s selections. The sizing is roomy (understandable for down jackets), but there was only one men’s S, and I went pretty early. The items from other lines (hats, shirts, etc.) were sparse, maybe a single long rack, with random sizing and usually one item per style. I don’t think I saw any Baracuta then; perhaps it is a new brand acquisition? Otherwise it may just be bait (two or three shirts) to get folks to come buy an Arctic Parka for $350 or whatever it was…

  2. Some really great parkas for $300, and other outerwear for $100-$180. Some summer stuff for $60. A lot of Med/Size40 samples but size ranges in several of the coats. Was busy at the outset this morning but they said they would have some overstock restock at some point.

  3. I didn’t recall seeing many Smalls, I’d say 70% of the coats were sample size, and the remaining lot had 1-2 of each of the other sizes. No idea if they’d still be around.

  4. About 20 parkas in all sizes going for $300

    About 20-30 Baracuta Hangingtons and other coats in size 40, multiple materials and colors, all for $150-180

    The real standout for me were the Golden Fleece jackets for $200

    all WWM stuff is medium. I picked up a sweater for $60

  5. No smalls. They will restock arctic parkas but wont restock other stuff till next Friday. Mainly just arctic parkas at $300 left in L or XL and some M.

  6. No jackets for me. It was pretty much mostly arctic jackets, much like last year.

    I got a fur trapper hat.

  7. It’s 10:07 and very cold out here, they are not open and that’s lame. Yet another reason to dislike the brand

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