Gitman Bros. Vintage First Ever Sample sale

— Tue, 2nd December 2014 —

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 4.08.07 PMThis is our idea of a Christmas miracle. Thursday through Sunday, 12/4-12/7, Gitman Bros. Vintage is hosting its first ever sample sale featuring deep discounts on shirts and accessories from previous seasons, including special collaborations, never released styles, and one of a kind shirts. Shirts (which retail for upwards of $200) are going for $30 each, and $100 for four!

Gitman Bros. Vintage Sample Sale – Gitman Vintage Showroom – 197 Grand St btw Mott & Mulberry, #6S – Thurs 1pm-7pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

Gitman Bros. Vintage First Ever Sample sale
  1. Unless you like the crazy patterned shirts everything is already gone for men’s. Line was 40 deep at 1:10.
    Women’s might have more of a chance.

  2. i got there at 1245pm and there were already 20 people inside. I’m not sure I missed too many shirts because of that but it kind of pissed me off.

    When I walked in there were a lot of smalls and mediums. Probably 8 half full boxes total on the ground for those sizes. Probably 5-6 boxes total for Large and Xlarge. A big table of shorts($30) and maybe 30 ties($10). Maybe 6-10 jackets. TONS of women’s shirts.

    By about 1215-1230pm there was a 25 person line and most of the boxes were picked through. Mainly super crazy patterns. I saw maybe 2 dark solid shirts and maybe 5-8 solid light colored shirts.

    I bought 4 shirts for $100. Hell of a deal. But I’d say it’s not worth going now unless you are extremely tiny or are a girl.

    They are not restocking. They had everything out.

  3. Completely picked through by 1:30pm. Only silly patterns left. Did anyone get there one time and manage to get any solids or normal patterns?

    Also, only dudes there. Tons of nice stuff for ladies still there.

  4. I went at 430pm and there were still a ton of smalls but mostly crazy prints. I would recommend going if you’re into that. Also, tons of women’s shirts in all sizes.

  5. By 5 yesterday there were a few XS, S and large sizes but in wild postcard prints, paisleys and bleached summer stripes. Plenty of women stuff that looks untouched. To the Gitman sales staff- Don’t brag about all the people that ransacked the place with trash bags of shirts. So not fair- and now there’s nothing left to sale today and saturday for men! Spread the love- gain more visibility

  6. Arrived early because we were in the area, went upstairs. 1240. “We thought you guys opened at 1PM”
    “We thought so too”
    Asians filling garbage bags with random shirts
    Managed to snag a couple of summer shirts and one thick canvas shirt.
    Out by 1255. Room is completely packed.

  7. Housekeeper’s sons wearing Gitman? Asians flipping garbage bags? It’s nice to know snobs and racists wear Gitman too.

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