Patrik Ervell Warehouse Sale

— Thu, 14th May 2015 —

Friday through Sunday, 5/15-5/17, Patrik Ervell is hosting his seasonal warehouse sale featuring up to 90% off present and past seasons’ stock.

Patrik Ervell Studio – 35 Howard St btw Broadway & Lafayette, 4th Fl, Buzzer #6 – 646-912-9083 – 11am-6pm Daily

Patrik Ervell Warehouse Sale
  1. No different in terms of price from other sales. Styles same from before, just a few more sizes.

  2. Definitely lower prices than previous PE sample sales. Not sure what a ‘warehouse sale’ is but there were definitely more sizes available and things I hadn’t seen before. Maybe more back stock instead of samples is my guess.

  3. Prices by sticker dots:

    Purple tags: $50
    Green: 60$
    Red: 75$
    Yellow: $90
    Blue: $125
    Pink: $150
    Grey: $200
    Orange: $250

  4. Everything is $50-$300 with a color coded price. A lot more organized than the last sale. Jeans $90-$125. Most shirts $75. Most outerwear $250.

  5. Prices were the same as all PE sales (except there is nothing under $50 this time…and barely anything under 75$)… The real news here is how much more organized this sale is. All Racks are organized by size and type of garment and color coded price lists is posted throughout the space. Anyone that has been to prior PE sales knows its tendency toward messiness and disorganization. I am liking this new set up.

    If you’re new to the line (which is steeped in this really great quasi-minimal, 90’s-church-boy-that-wears-a-purity-ring-but-messes-around-with-the-head-cheerleader-and-quarterback-behind-both-of-their-backs styling) be aware that the clothes run super small. If you typically a M/L, go for XL. There is a space to try on stuff but it is literally just one corner of the room with a sparsely filled clothing rack in front of it. Not much privacy for the one changing, but quite a nice show for the rest of us.

    PS- If anyone knows how I could manage some alone time with the icy one with the dimples that folds up/bags your purchases, please let me know.

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