Isaia Sample Sale

— Tue, 16th June 2015 —

Through Friday, 6/19, Isaia is hosting a sample sale featuring deep discounts on luxe suiting and sportswear.

Isaia Sample Sale – 129 Prince btw W Broadway & Wooster – Tues-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-2pm

Isaia Sample Sale
  1. They have most sizes (at least in R, I did not check for or randomly see S or L). A good selection in each. I did not see anything spectacular but there were some solidly good items. The catch is that the discount is only 60% off. So suits are $1200 each. I would be excited to pay that for some of their more spectacular items but not for their solidly good items that I can have custom made for only marginally more. I did not have a good look at the selection in larger sizes though to be honest. I’m a 40.

  2. they also had a B line of suits they make that retail for 1300 for 595. nothing great, a lot of weird patterns, no staples like a blue or great but a lot of sizes except for 46/ very few of that size

  3. They reduced the price of all polos to $50. Scored a l/s blue wool isaia polo and a s/s yellow Eidos polo as well.

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