The Sale That Lived Up to Its Name

— Mon, 20th March 2017 —

Saturday, 3/18, Greats opened its door to their sample sale celebrating an upcoming move. Apparently there was a line when doors opened at 11am and some styles sold out quickly. When we got there mid-afternoon there was still a huge offerning left and luckily no line to get in. We did wonder how steep were the discounts being there shoes are pretty well-priced? Discounts ranged between 20%-50% off and remember there will be daily restocks. Check below to see the price of your favorite style of Greats’ shoes.

Rosen: Retail $49, available for $30

Bab: Retail $59, available for $30

Wilson: Retail $49, available for $30

Midwood: Retail $89, available for $60

G-knit: Retail $89, available for $60

Royale: Retail $159, available for $85

Hirsh: Retail for $159, available for $85

Wooster: Retail for $159, available for $85

Chukka: Retail for $169, available for $110

Pronto: Retail for $199, available for $130

Beastmode: Retail for $199, available for $130

Royal High: Retail for $179, available for $130


  1. This is a pass. Not big enough discount and styles scream “me too”. Meh.

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