Eleventy Sample Sale

— Mon, 12th June 2017 —

Eleventy Suit

Monday, 6/12, through Friday, 6/16, Eleventy is hosting a sample sale with up to 80% off clothing, shoes and accessories. Stop by their studio to shop some of the finest Italian menswear.

Eleventy – 80 W. 40th Street btw 5th & 6th – 9am-7pm Daily – Map

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Eleventy Sample Sale
  1. Most of the suits/jackets seemed standard ‘sample sale’ sizes (50R). There were a range of sizes for shirts/sweaters but mostly medium. $25 pocket squares, $50 ties, $100 shirts/sweaters, $299 sport coats, $599 suits. Only a few suits. If you’re in the market for a sort of funky, unstructured, unlined sports coat, it might be worth a visit.

  2. Shoes in 42/43 were best deals at a hundred bucks. Little overpriced. $299+ for jackets, shorts/swim 100$, shirts $99… More medium and larger sizes than smaller.

    If they slash prices I’d consider going…

  3. During their winter sample sale, on the last day all items were 50% off the wholesale cost…hope they do that again for this one

  4. Way too expensive, not a lot of true “samples”. Mostly all Mediums, 40R, 32 pants/shorts. Maybe I’ll go on the last day but if I’m going to spend those prices I’d rather go to Alexander Mcqueen tomorrow and get real designer pieces for similar prices.

  5. I went yesterday and they were stupidly priced still… No additional sales, usually the last day they do markdowns so I’ll have to see if I can stop by.

    $99: Beach shorts, jerseys, jackets, vests, sweaters, pants, shoes (yellow stickers)

    $199: Jackets, outerwear, coats (green stickers)

    $299: Suits leather (blue stickers)

    $499: Suits, Coats (red stickers)

    $299: leather goods

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