Choosin’ at Theory

— Wed, 17th January 2018 —

We stopped by Clothingline’s Helmut Lang & Theory sample sale to check out the offering. This sale selection and prices were very similar to previous sales held at Clothingline. There aren’t many jackets or sweaters available, but plenty of short sleeve tees, polos, and white chinos, making this sale better suited for spring/summer preparation. Update: Additional 50% off listed prices.

Check out what we found in each category. Feel free to comment with any updates!

Short Sleeve Tees

Style: Crew, V-Neck, Pocket Tees

Color: Black, Blue, Grey, White, Creme

Size: XSmall-XXLarge

Price: $50


Color: Blue, White, Grey

Size: XSmall-XXLarge

Price: $50


Style: Crew

Color: Blue, White, Grey, Red

Size: Medium-Large

Price: $65

Dress Shirts

Color: Blue, White

Size: Small-XXLarge

Price: $50


Style: Basic

Color: Black, Navy, Grey

Size: 40-46

Price: $100


Styles: Dress Pants, Chinos

Color: Khaki, Grey, Navy, Black, White

Size: 28-40

Price: $55

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