Choosin’ at Canali

— Mon, 12th February 2018 —

Soiffer Haskin’s annual winter Canali event began Sunday, 2/11. As expected, there is a huge selection of inventory ranging from suits to shoes to topcoats to accessories. The majority of sizes are available along with a variety of color, patterns, and textures. Currently discounts are between 70-75%, with some sportcoats being discounted at 90%. As aforementioned, these discounted are expected to increase as the sale continues.  Unfortunately, Soiffer Haskin is pretty strict when it comes to taking photos, so we could not capture any product or sale layout images.

Check out below for the discounts per category and size range. Feel free to comment with any updates.


Sizes: 36-50

Discount: 75% off price tag


Sizes: 34-50

Discount: 70% off price tag

Top coats

Sizes: 36-50

Discount: 70% off price tag


Sizes: 38-46

Discount: 70% off price tag

Sport coats

Size: 34-50

Discount: 70% off price tag, tags w/ blue dot 90% off


Size: 28-44

Discount: 70% off price tag

Dress Shirts

Size: 15-18 1/2

Discount: 70% off price tag

Polos & Tees

Size: Small-XXLarge

Discount: 70% off price tag

Sports Shirts

Size: Small-XXLarge

Discount: 75% off price tag


Size: Small-XXLarge

Discount: 75% off price tag


Size: 40-46

Discount: 70% off price tag


Discount: 70% off


Discount: 70% off

Pocket square

Price: $35 each


Price: $55 each up to $180, over $180 70% off


Discount: 70% off price tag


  1. Stopped by their yesterday. Huge selection of suits and jackets if you’re size 50 (40 in US). Everything was marked an extra 5% off from Sunday so I’m guessing today things will be 80%.

  2. 40 regular? Or are there any in 40s? Whacky patterns or are there some good conservative looks?

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