CEGO Custom Shirts, Part I

— Thu, 1st July 2010 —

CEGO buttons

To the uninitiated, the idea of custom shirting might seem lavish. CEGO customers — made up mostly of savvy New Yorkers and commuters — know better. To this well-informed bunch, CEGO shirts represent true value and bare style necessity — a testament to proprietor Carl Goldberg and his decades of service at the storied shop…. Read more »

J.Crew Essential Chino In Urban Slim Fit

— Tue, 29th June 2010 —

Goin’ back to the khakis, this latest installment of “Hands On” is partially a reaction to the disconcertingly tight fit of those Dockers’ ankle chinos for Urban Outfitters, which our pal Zeph reviewed earlier this month. There must be a happy medium between ballooning cubicle khakis and those circulation killers, we thought. Contributor Paul Khareyn… Read more »

Filson Original Briefcase

— Tue, 22nd June 2010 —

This particular review isn’t about some designer collaboration, exciting new colorway, or material mixing with a shelf-life of less than a season. No, this review’s about one man’s first impressions of an original — the Filson Original Briefcase, to be exact.

A Father’s Day Tribute

— Wed, 16th June 2010 —

Among the many, many things that fathers give us, the most meaningful often come from their wardrobes. A watch; a pair of cufflinks; even a handkerchief. For our prized contributor — and Eating Everywhere editor-in-chief — Sam Jacobs, few objects mean more than the Alden penny loafers his dapper dad recently gave him.

Patrik Ervell For The Gap

— Tue, 15th June 2010 —

Last week, if you recall, we awarded Uniqlo‘s +J the prize for Best Sports Jacket For The Money. Some of you agreed. Reader Rob F called bull, demanding that the crown go to Patrik Ervell and the jacket he designed for The Gap and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund — and which is only available at… Read more »