And The Best Sports Jacket Is…

— Thu, 10th June 2010 —

This past weekend, you asked us to track down the best priced, highest quality sports jacket on the market. Since then, we’ve spent an abnormal amount of time in dressing rooms — even by our standards — trying on, and feeling out, some of today’s top-rated jackets.

Winner: Man Product Of The Season

— Mon, 7th June 2010 —

June through August (at the very least), socks should be restricted to work and weddings. Otherwise, they just clutter up clean looks, and cost you a bundle. Yes, the price of replacing shoes spoiled by sweaty feet easily overshadows 30 pairs of socks. That’s why you need Dr. Scholl’s new Odor Destroyers “All Day Deodorant”… Read more »

Hands On: Dockers/Urban Outfitters Chino

— Thu, 3rd June 2010 —

Among fit-conscious guys, word traveled fast about the recent launch of Dockers’ ankle chinos for Urban Outfitters. In theory, it sounded like a match made in heaven. Dockers would deliver the sensible materials and sober build to which U.O. would add its signature edge and modern fit. So, ready to declare these chinos required buying,… Read more »

Hands On: Lindland’s Cordarounds

— Tue, 25th May 2010 —

Looking for a fresh take on a summer staple, contributor Joe Miota draws our attention to Lindland’s Cordarounds — a small San Fransisco-based etailer best known for its horizontal corduroy. In fact, by cutting down on “vertical cord friction,” the company claims (jokingly) to lower the average “crotch heat index” by up to 22%.