“And more” includes this

— Tue, 21st March 2017 —

Beginning Tuesday, Privé welcomed shoppers to their multi-brand spring sample sale. Basic information about the sale was provided along with two definite menswear brands, Saks Fifth Ave Collection and Descendant of Thieves by Dres Ladro, and more. But the “and more” was actually the better part of the sale. The sale includes samples from Superdry, tees from… Read more »

How Knickerbocker is Changing the Menswear Game

— Tue, 21st March 2017 —

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Every other day, there’s a release of another ‘Top New Menswear Brands to Follow’ article. With advanced technology and easy access to manufacturers and consumers, the barriers to starting a clothing line are just some cash and an internet connection. This has, however, made it incredibly difficult to… Read more »

The Sale That Lived Up to Its Name

— Mon, 20th March 2017 —

Saturday, 3/18, Greats opened its door to their sample sale celebrating an upcoming move. Apparently there was a line when doors opened at 11am and some styles sold out quickly. When we got there mid-afternoon there was still a huge offerning left and luckily no line to get in. We did wonder how steep were… Read more »

An Oxford shirt and Weekender for $65

— Fri, 17th March 2017 —

There are serious markdowns at this Ernest Alexander sample sale. All shirts are $30 and the weekender bags picture above are $35. Backpacks, messenger bags, totes, and other weekenders are also significantly reduced. In addition, we found a small offering of leather goods available at deep discounts. We want to warn, items are moving pretty… Read more »

Magasin’s Mega-selection

— Thu, 16th March 2017 —

On Monday, CD Network opened its showroom to Magasin’s first ever NYC warehouse sale. Unfortunately, we found out about it a little late but only missed one day of shopping due to our friend Stella. We paid a visit Wednesday evening and was not disappointed as a large selection remained. You will find tees, dress shirts,… Read more »