Amarcord Vintage Show

— Fri, 3rd February 2012 —

As we all know, vintage clothing — and the act of shopping for it — are acquired tastes. (Essentially, it takes twice the patience, creativity, and open-mindedness required to shop retail.) If you’re into it, however, Amarcord is throwing a “Vintage Show” at Metropolitan Pavilion through Saturday, 2/4. Amarcord Vintage Show – Metropolitan Pavilion –… Read more »

CottonWork Selective Shirt Giveaway

— Mon, 19th December 2011 —

Here’s a promo sure to rub tons of potential customers the wrong way. At the beginning of every month, CottonWork is giving away custom shirts to 100 lucky college students. The rub? Only guys attending a very short list of universities need apply. All other future professionals — CottonWork seems to be saying — can… Read more »

Ding Dong, Fashion’s Dead!

— Tue, 13th December 2011 —

Big news! Fashion is dead, says Kurt Andersen. Why? “In some large measure,” he writes in Vanity Fair, “it’s an unconscious collective reaction to all the profound nonstop newness we’re experiencing on the tech and geopolitical and economic fronts.” Merry Freakin’ Christmas! For guys, this news is an absolute godsend! … In the short-term, anyway,… Read more »

R.I.P. To Boot Warehouse Sale

— Fri, 9th December 2011 —

Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 1.19.05 PM

We’ve got some sad news (relatively speaking, of course): Our friends at To Boot have decided to discontinue their semiannual warehouse sale, which many readers relied on for good deals on solid footwear. (Ah, memories.) Alas, “Our warehouse sales are officially over,” a company rep confirms. “We are clearing all our end of season goods… Read more »

Gant 2011 F/W Sample Sale ALIVE!

— Fri, 28th October 2011 —

For the sake of your collective sanity, we wanted you to know that Gant‘s 2011 F/W Sample Sale is still on! Yes, it usually goes down in October, but, as star contributor Sam Jacobs just learned, this year’s sale is slated for the second weekend in November. Here‘s what the famed event looks like. More… Read more »

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