Cheap Suits Reborn

— Thu, 8th April 2010 —

Man alive, we love it when deals get top billing in The Times! In today’s style section, David Colman investigates the long slighted “cheap suit,” which he says is finally brushing off its “unsuave guise.” What’s more, “In the hands of youthful designers like Billy Reid and Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley &… Read more »

Sperry Friends & Family Sale

— Thu, 8th April 2010 —

Through Wednesday, 4/14, Sperry Top-Side is hosting a “friends & family” sale featuring 25% off every boat shoe, canvas vulcanized oxford (pictured), loafer, chukka, and sandal you can find. Don’t forget to enter promo code FRIEND10 at checkout.

Meet: That Sale Look

— Thu, 8th April 2010 —

Introducing “That Sale Look” — A new feature we’ll be running on a regular basis, if not everyday. To make the cut, products must be on sale, not be one-offs (i.e., eBay finds), and compliment fellow weather appropriate pieces. Warning: That last condition being relative, we do plan to mix it up, and even break… Read more »

Beggar Invitational

— Thu, 8th April 2010 —

Beyond The Rack – Cheap Monday eBay Fashion Vault – X Editors’ Closet – X Gilt Man – Alexander McQueen (pictured), Calvin Klein, Sperry Top-Sider, Tateossian, Nat Nast, Paul Smith & Mosley Tribes, Marc by Marc Jacobs Haute Look – Breil, William Rast Ideeli – X Reverse (pass: Reverse) – Acne Jeans, Nudie Jeans Row… Read more »

God’s Gift

— Wed, 7th April 2010 —

Are men of particular proportions overlooking the best deals in town? Saying as much, New York Times style contributor Elliot David boldly endorses Ralph Lauren Kids. “There are perks to being, let’s say, compact,” he says. “The fit is fantastic and the quality is just as good as Ralph Lauren’s other lines, but Polo Kids… Read more »