CEGO’s Guide To Shirt Measurements

— Thu, 30th September 2010 —

[nggallery id=30] There’s no substitute for a good tailor — a fact no one knows better than CEGO‘s Carl Goldberg. Still, the respected shirt maker knows he can’t measure every man, nor does everyone have access to a tailor of his caliber. For those unfortunate souls, Carl generously offered to divulge his time-tested measurement methods…. Read more »

Isaia Sample Sale

— Fri, 11th June 2010 —

As it turns out, the Isaia sample sale we covered in early May wasn’t the company’s official sample sale. The official event is going down Monday through Friday, 6/14-6/18, and will feature up to 75% off the highest quality suits, sport coats, shirts, ties, knits, trousers, … Expect to find lightweight wool charcoal suits with… Read more »

Hands On: Alexander West

— Thu, 6th May 2010 —

Mr. Alexander West is on a crusade to single-handedly rid the world of ready-to-wear dress shirts. This affable young banker-cum-custom shirt-maker spends his days doing one-on-one consultations with clients who’ve had it with billowing fabrics, unflattering collars, and inferior construction. Customers can also order online, or send in their favorite shirts, which West will gladly… Read more »