The Show Secrets Unveiled

— Fri, 9th February 2018 —

It’s the second week of February, meaning New York Fashion Week has arrived. NYFW:Mens kicked things off from Feb. 5-7, with womenswear and an increasing number of combined collections following on Feb. 8-15. Countless Fall/Winter runway presentations, brand collaborations, after parties and photo shoots will take over the city. While these are constantly shared across… Read more »

What is a sample sale?

— Mon, 8th January 2018 —

What is a sample sale? If you follow The Choosy Beggar, this shouldn’t even be a question. But if you’re new to the scene or just never knew the background, we’ll take a step back to explain.

Behind the Sample Sale with Alex Hooks

— Fri, 17th November 2017 —

The past few weeks have been overwhelming with sample sales. Many of them have featured brands we look out for each season. It got us thinking about the many men in NY who still don’t know that sample sales exist or have the wrong impressions. So we decided to change a life and invited one… Read more »

Homecoming with CxStyles

— Mon, 30th October 2017 —

There’s nothing like the ingenuity and thriftiness of a college student. The life stage right between living at home and starting a career can be one of the most financially stressful. It also occurs when self-expression is at a peak. Students going through their personal journeys find ways to represent themselves through extracurricular activities, newfound… Read more »

The Future of Fashion

— Thu, 7th September 2017 —

It’s New York Fashion Week. If you pay attention to the seasons, you know it’s not what it used to be. Fewer designers are doing traditional shows and more are simultaneously featuring womenswear and menswear. Even if you don’t follow that intently, it’s clear that fashion is transforming with the way people shop. As drivers… Read more »