Paul Smith Sample Sale

— Sun, 27th September 2015 —

Tuesday, 9/29, through Sunday, 10/4, 260 is having a Paul Smith┬ásample sale. You’ll be able to find a full selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and books. Get an early look from 10am-3pm on Tuesday with the Friends and Family invite. Paul Smith – 151 Wooster Street btw Houston & Prince – Tues 3-8pm, Wed-Fri 10am-8pm,… Read more »

The Beggar Continues…

— Sun, 2nd August 2015 —

Beggars are a city staple. We interact with everyone but have a strong community of our own. We survive on the tips of others and are always looking for the next fix. Outsiders question our habits, but are unaware of the hidden value. For some, this lifestyle lasts to the grave. Others make it out… Read more »

The Sale To End All Sales

— Wed, 24th June 2015 —

For the past 7 years, we at The Choosy Beggar have delighted in helping guys navigate the elusive world of sample sales, and look better for a lot less money. The time has come, however, to pass the torch. Yes, it is with heavy hearts that we have decided to put this time-tested deal discovery… Read more »

Kickstarters We Love: Teddy Stratford

— Wed, 10th December 2014 —

One of the most innovative shirts we’ve seen this year — or ever, for that matter — is Teddy Stratford. With their manufacturing facilities right here in NYC, the startup just launched its first line of fitted shirts, which are unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s basically a well-fitting dress shirt… but it actually zips… Read more »

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